The smart surfer specials...

The smart surfer specials...

Surf House Boardriders declares certain hours each day IRRESISTABLE to the all-knowing smart surfers... For riders who aren't staying long enough to sign up for membership, these sessions are a great way to stretch the monies!


Early Bird Special - 700 THB

Daily, 9.30am - 11.00am. Rise and Ride! Beat the crowd to enjoy up to 90 minutes of surf on the FlowRider for half the price. This deal is up and running everyday, so go shred the morning waves!


Double Surf Special - 700 THB

Hourly session from 8.00pm to midnight. Shred the full double section every night with Surf House Boardriders. For riders advancing in riding skills and appreciate more carving space, you want this! Don't miss the Phuket Sun, the bliss of riding double the amount of space makes it all worth the while!